Gallery Shop Member: Jill Curley


Medium: Fiber (Other members in Fiber)

Specialty: scarves, rugs, table runners, baby blankets

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About Jill Curley:

Jill Curley was apprenticed to a weaver in the early 1970ís. She earned her first loom by working off orders for her shop. Through the next three decades she wove primarily for family and friends. By the time she retired from Penn State in 2007, she had accumulated 8 looms of various sizes, and a spinning wheel. In retirement, she began weaving professionally and launched a small business called SunRoom Studio, Handweaving and Spinning in Bellefonte. She continues to study new facets of the craft, primarily with Tom Knisely, weaver extraordinaire, formerly of the Mannings, and now at Red Stone Glen Fiber Arts Center. She weaves in many styles, patterns and materials, but her favorite remains Colonial Overshot in natural fibers, which she has even adapted to rugs!