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††††††††††††††† The Gallery Shop has been in existence for over 16 years.We operate as a retail store and offer a variety of fine quality art and craft items made only by Central Pennsylvania artists and crafts people. We are a community minded venue showcasing the bountiful talents of our local artisans. Our manager is knowledgeable aboutour artists, their medium and techniques, and is able to discuss the work in the gallery, thus providing the public an opportunity to learn about, appreciate and acquire items of quality.

The Gallery shop is open Tues-Fri 10:30-5:30p, Sat 10-5p plus additional hours for holidays, and special events.The "Shop" is located adjacent to the Art Alliance Art Center in Lemont, PA and we work closely with them on shows and events. Many of our artists are also members of the Art Alliance. We guide the shop by a Steering Committee comprised of eight shop artist/members. This committee addresses advertising, displays, membership, policies and special events, etc.

The Gallery Shop is totally supported by our membersí monthly fees. Member fees are due the first of each month. Currently the fee is $64/month (full) $40(half) and a 15% commission on sales above $160 (full), $100(half). There is a one-time $35 start-up fee.The member signs a contract for one year with a renewal option every June 1st. A member may withdraw if he or she has a juried replacement.

Artist checks for sales are sent to members by the tenth of each month.If an artistís total monthly sales have reached the designated amount, the commission is deducted at this time.Gallery Shop accounting is done by a qualified member. Please note that sales resulting from contacts, commissions and special orders made through the shop should be sold through the shop as well.

Items brought to the Gallery Shop for sale are checked in with our Shop Manager, and a phone call before you come in is appreciated. Inventory lists are not required and are the responsibility of the artist, as the shop does not maintain itís own inventory. Display of all items is done by our manager, and is guided by the Display Committee. Each artistís body of work is individually showcased as well as intermingled with that of other Gallery members in the ďcommunity Ď areas of the shop..

A member's total display area for full time (cut this in half for half-time) is approximately 4' x8' (wall person), or 1 1/2 shelves (3-D person), with a little extra stock for the windows, common shelves and the Atrium. 3-D work will be represented on shelves, floor cubes or the wall when appropriate. These areas are not exact, but are intended to provide approximate equal representation for each member. Combined wall/shelf spaces are permitted.



Each month the walls and cubes in the Atrium feature three different artists. The artistís names are featured on the shop sign, and we contact the CDT for inclusion in its Weekender and Out and About sections. Atrium shows are included monthly in the Town and Gown and State College magazines. Each artist is encouraged to create one or two pages for the ĎArtist Bio Bookí on permanent display in the Atrium. In addition to the in-shop displays, we have a locked display case at the University Park Airport and the McDonalds in Hillís Plaza. A small display is maintained in the window of the Green Bowl Restaurant on Beaver Ave. These sites are changed every couple of months.

Each artistís work, is photographed and included on the Gallery Shop website (, with a link to her or her personal website if desired. Our website is linked to the Art Alliance of Central Pennsylvania ( and its Dispatch), The Centre County Tourism and Convention Bureau ( and its Alleghenies brochure),,, the Boalsburg Village Artists Association (,andArt Thrives on RT 45 (www.artthriveson45.organd brochure). We regularly advertise in the CDT, on WPSU and in the Lemont newsletter.

The Gallery Shop closes the first week of January and August for cleaning , new space assignments and to refresh the overall look of the shop.We randomly draw space assignments to ensure that all artistsí work will, at some time, be featured in the highest visibility areas of the shop.

††††††††††††††† The criteria for display as set by the Steering Committee are:

1.      Craftsmanship of three-dimensional work must be of high quality.Attention should be given to††††

††††† construction, joints, cracks and glaze finish.

2.Only one reproduction per artist may be displayed in the main room of the

††† shop!

††††††††††††††† 3.Paintings must be matted and framed in a professional manner, ready for hanging.

††††††††††††††† 4.Picture matting must be free of dirt, cleanly cut, and suitable for the artwork.

††††††††††††††† †††† Acid-free museum matting is required. Frames should have tight corners and un-chipped edges.

5.      Unframed artwork must be mounted on foam core and covered with acetate.

6.      The work should reflect the artist/craftsperson's individual design and standards.

††††† Kits, common or stereotyped designs, or mass produced items are not acceptable

††††††††††††††† 7.Individual items from a member may be juried out.

††††††††††††††† 8.Each medium requires a separate jurying.

9.      Members are expected to maintain significant stock of their items.Removal of items

††††† for independent shows is discouraged!

Our Standards Committee will jury prospective member's work. The artist should present five pieces of their work representative of what they would like to offer for sale. The work should be priced, packaged or framed as if for sale, and include a brief description of the medium and technique along with the artistís contact info. If the work is accepted and fits the needs and style of the Gallery Shop, the applicant is admitted when there is an opening.A waiting list is maintained.